Upcoming Events

What’s Next?

Spring Retreat - Friday, May 31 - Saturday, June 1

Year-End BBQ Party - Tuesday, June 4

After Harvest Youth concludes each Tuesday night, leaders Sarah & Joshua Peek record this short podcast to recall: What Just Happened.

The target audience is Parents and Harvest Members interested in a glimpse of what that Youth life is like - but you can listen too!

Our goal is to be the adult advocates for Youth @ Harvest. We’ll communicate what the program is up to, what we need, and keep us connected to the larger Harvest Community Church body.


General Feedback & Idea Submission

Harvest Youth is what You make it: One of the main program objectives is Student Ownership. That means as often as possible, Student feedback will drive what we do, and how we do it.

Adult leaders provide feedback, guidance, structure, and shepherding to ensure the program stays on Mission. But the details and culture? That’s up to You. Own it.