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February 5th: Jeopardy Night

Jeopardy Questions from Genesis 1-15 Voting for Ask a Pastor Night questions

February 12th: Ask a Pastor Night

Featuring Pastors Isaac, Caleb, and Mark No Subject Restrictions Questions to be voted on by students February 5th.

February 19th: Hagar and Ishmael

Regular Study Format Genesis 16

February 26th: Is Anything Too Hard for God?

Regular Study Format Genesis 17-18

March 5th: Leaving Evil Behind

Regular Study Format Genesis 18-19

March 12th: Q&A Night

Topic and Guest(s) to be determined. Have ideas? Let us know!

March 19th: Fear and Faith

Regular Study Format Genesis 20-21

March 26th: Wheel of Fortune Night

Wheel of Fortune puzzles from Genesis 16-21




Jesus directs us to do life together. Leaning on each other for encouragement, refinement, and to more fully know Him as we walk into eternity together. The Youth Discipleship program pairs interested students to do just that.

+ Details

Students have been paired up, and matches have been assigned. We'll provide limited time on some Youth nights for these groups specifically to chat, but the program is more largely intended to be self/student-driven. Groups are encouraged to communicate through the week to provide each other with personal encouragement, accountability and support in our mission to look like Christ. If you have any questions, please let us know!

+ Why the Name Change?

This program was thought up by students leading into this semester, and discussed under the name “Mentorship”. The format and goals remain, but the name has been adjusted for a couple of important reasons:

  1. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus directs us to make disciples. Sure, that starts with conversion, but also includes the ongoing “formation” as we’re molded in His image, until we’re finally remade in the day of the Lord. Since the goals of the “Mentorship” program align with Jesus’ charge to make disciples, it helps the program point to Jesus by calling it “Discipleship” rather than the more common, worldly title “Mentorship”.

  2. Students are an important and very influential part of the church! Today’s church in America commonly misunderstands what “Discipleship” looks like. If we can get this program right, and name it in a way that points straight to Jesus, this could be a powerful example, for God’s glory.

Simply put: We’re not just “Mentoring” each other to become better people, we’re “Discipling” one another to be radically transformed by following Jesus.

+ Additional Info

For more on Biblical Discipleship, how it’s commonly misunderstood, and what it “really” looks like, check out the article here: Discipleship: That’s It?

+ What’s Next?

Matches have been determined and were announced at the Youth feedback meeting. We'll let this program roll for a few weeks, and then ask for feedback. Feel free to let us know how it's going until then!


Youth Band


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is worthy of praise. The bible calls us to sing songs and worship our God. So, that's what the Youth Band does: Lead us in worship through song.

+ Details

Every-other week, we'll start out Youth night singing to God, led by our fantastic Youth Band. Practices are held on Tuesdays at 5:45p, on the weeks we'll have music.

+ Interested?

Interested in joining the band or helping in some way? Looking for lyrics or videos of the songs we sing? You may either:

  1. Use the form on the main Harvest Youth page, or
  2. Talk to Joshua or Pastor Isaac